Saturday, 16 February 2013

COT data of Feb 12th 2013 - British Pound [BP]

British Pounds - Total o/i was not much changed, at 167100, with spreads lower, at 1349 (0.8% of the total).

Nett differences:
Commercials +33083 (from +16548).  Large Specs -16776 (from +1174).  Small Specs -16307 (from -17722). Commercials added considerably to their longs, Large Specs reduced theirs while adding to shorts.
Commercials (56.1% of total o/i) - 66.1% of Longs, 46.2% of Shorts, balance plus 19.9 
Large Specs (28.4% of total) - 23.3% of Longs, 33.4% of Shorts, balance minus 10.1
Small Specs (15.5% of total) - 10.6% of Longs, 20.4% of Shorts, balance minus 9.8
Commercials once again added considerably to longs while leaving shorts alone; Large Specs reduced longs and added to shorts, moving to nett short for the first time since mid-September. Small Specs took some profits on their shorts,, and nibbled at the long side. There was not a great deal of change in shares of the total market.

Last Tuesday's close was unchanged from the previous week, at 1.5660, although prices before and since have continued to swing rather widely. With Commercials going longer and Large Specs now going short, conditions are becoming similar to early June last year, when prices bottomed.

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