Saturday, 6 October 2012

COT data of Oct 2nd, 2012 - British Pound [BP]

British Pounds - Values slightly lower again, to 1.6135 on Tuesday 2nd; total o/i up, to 177746, with spreads again very low, at only 86.

Nett differences: 
Commercials -56136, from -53922.  Large Specs +30094, from +27137.  Small Specs +26042, from +26785. Changes are generally in line with the increase in total o/i.
Commercials (54.8% of total o/i) - 39.0% of Longs, 70.6% of Shorts, balance minus 31.6
Large Specs (28.0% of total) - 36.4% of Longs, 19.5% of Shorts, balance plus 16.9
Small Specs (17.2% of total) - 24.6% of Longs, 9.9% of Shorts, balance plus 14.7
Commercials have added a little to both their longs and (slightly more) their shorts, taking them (just) to their biggest minus balance this year. Large Specs - with the trend not having turned significantly - are slightly longer overall, and Small Specs - although still holding a surprisingly large proportion of the total o/i - are a little less bullish than they were. However, with little significant change anywhere, last week's comments remain valid - we look for Sterling to fall rather than rise.

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